Monday, August 14, 2017

EMPRESS OF BIZ! Listen! Learn! Prosper! - Live & Recorded Episodes:

EMPRESS OF BIZ! Listen! Learn! Prosper! - Live & Recorded Episodes::

Today the Empress of biz aka JoAnn R. Forrester interviews one
of her  favorite “baby boomer”  Cathy Kentzel owner and host of The Barnard
House Bed and Breakfast in Emlenton PA. 
Cathy with her husband Paul bought the Barnard House  Bed & Breakfast 5 years ago  and have taken a favorite local B & B and
have expanded it a regional delight adding many features and services.   This
is a favorite retreat of the Empress of Biz and it has been  a delight to watch as Cathy and Paul have
used their many talents to expand their B & B and offer new services to the
region.   Join us and Listen Learn and
Prosper with the Empress of Biz and her guest Cathy Kentzel of The Barnard

JoAnn R. Forrester founded S I Business
Associates, a growth management firm established in 1975. Jo Ann has secured 45 million dollars in loans for her clients. In 1998, she co-developed the
PRICE IT PERFECT(TM) cost management program. In 2008, JoAnn started the Empress of Biz Talkcast Show.| JoAnn is co-author of STEPS TO OWNING YOUR OWN SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS,. JoAnn is a nationally certified site reviewer for the National Women's Business Owner Corporation. In 2004, she was appointed a Program Loan Coordinator of the M/W/D.B.E. Working Capital Loan
Program of Allegheny County. |

JoAnn served 5 terms as President of the National Association of Women Business Owners and also served on National Board of NAWBO (1990-91) and National Nominating Committee of NAWBO (2007-2009).| JoAnn twice received the U.S. Small Business
Administration Award for SBA Woman Business Champion for
Pennsylvania. In March of 1996, JoAnn was elected to the Pennsylvania Honor Roll of Women from the PA Department of Commerce.|  |

JoAnn currently serves on the boards of the Business Loan Review Committee of the Urban Redevelopment Authority of the City of
Pittsburgh Previously, she served on the Advisory Council of the Small Business Administration and The Women's Enterprise Center and and the Greater Pittsburgh Chapter of NAWBO.|

Jo Ann R Forrester, Co Developer Price It Perfect Cost Control Program.|
JoAnn is also the Award Winning Author of the Popular Children's Book, The Gift of Holiday Valley.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Positively Pittsburgh Live! - Live & Recorded Episodes:

Dear Friends on Saturday July 1 from 10 am to 11:30 am   we will  be having a special broadcast of  Positively Pittsburgh Live​.  On June 14, 2017 the one and only Joanne Quinn Smith aka "Techno Granny" left us and moved on to another adventure with her Father in heaven. Those who loved her, worked with her and shared her adventures, Jill Kummer,"Eventsburg" Sunita Pandit "Mrs. Cardiology" Tamra Cerfaci  "The Barefoot Barrister" and JoAnn R. Forrester "The Empress of Biz'" will host a memorial tribute broadcast to our mentor and colleague. Join us as we share our memories of this remarkable positive, courageous and tenacious women. She loved Pittsburgh and wanted the whole world to know how great we were. We welcome  you to join and  share your positive stories, comments and memories. We know she will be listening in that big podcast in the sky

Positively Pittsburgh Live! - Live & Recorded Episodes:: Mission: to spread so much good news about Pittsburgh and surrounding areas that soon good news in the Greater Pittsburgh Area becomes an everyday occurrence. You just don't know how much good news there is in Pittsburgh until you listen in every week to PositivelyPittsburghLive# Podcast-- all the good news about Pittsburgh. Each week is a weekly broadcast with sixteen features in all: POSITIVELY PITTSBURGH SPONSORED EVENTS, CULTURAL CLUES, KIDZ KORNER, WOMEN AND GIRLS ADVANCEMENT , BUSINESS BUZZ, |POSITIVELY PITTSBURGH LIVE!
Host: Joanne Quinn-Smith, CEO, Dreamweaver Marketing Associates akaTechnoGranny, National Small Business Administration Journalist of the Year. On Saturday Mornings PPL features Burgh Biz Saturday Showcase with a group of business owners from Pittsburgh Area who inform about their businesses, give a special tip for entrepreneurs and also one for consumers and a special offer for PositivelyPittsburghLive's Listeners. |PositivelyPittsburghLive has morphed into Pittsburgh's First Internet Radio and TV Network. Free to the public to use where businesses can purchase their own audio or video channel podcast) or page. There is an online community calendar and a Pittsburgh specific press release site. Check it out at:|
For all the good news about Pittsburgh. Don't just observe the news,

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Roving Pittsburgher Report, 23 Musical, Twirling, Juggling, Ariel & Acrobatic Acts

Roving Pittsburgher Report, 23 Musical, Twirling, Juggling, Ariel & Acrobatic Acts

One of the perks of the job of being the Empress of Biz is getting to see great shows and then write about them!  Pittsburgh is a great city not only for Sports...but for the Arts.  We have a world class symphony, opera, ballet, museums and so much more.  You "gotta" come and see will be amazed and ready to say I am coming to live here.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

12 Common Myths about Starting, Growing and FINANCING your Business.

You want to start a business-- you know you have the perfect idea--as soon as open your doors --customers will flock in buying everything off the shelves--and banks and investors will be fighting one another to give you money.   The fact is 90% of small business closes their door within ten years.   Many business owners could have avoided disappointment, failure or bankruptcy, IF they would have looked at the myths they believe in  and did realistic planning, thinking and financing as their business grew.   Listed below are the twelve common fantasy’s start up business owners want to believe.    Which one's do you believe?   
1.        I AM JUST A SMALL BUSINESS. I don’t need promotion or marketing I will just open my door and everyone will just come.  
 2.       BUSINESS IS GREAT AND ORDERS ARE FLOWING IN.  I won’t ever need to borrow money.
 3.   My idea is so good… BANKS and Investors will fall all over me in trying to lend me money and I won't ever have to pay high interest.  
5. THERE ARE PLENTY OF ANGELS OUT THERE!   My company is so great these “ANGELS” will find me, help me and not expect a business plan.  They will just take my word for it and give me the money I need and they won’t expect anything in return let alone a profit on their money.
 6. My CREDIT SCORE has NOTHING to do with me getting a bank loan
7 . I CAN GET ALL THE MONEY I NEED-- and I won’t  have to pledge any of my assets or use any of my money to start or grow my business and I certainly won’t have to  guarantee my loans or credit.
 8 I’LL BE THE LOW BIDDER ALL THE TIME and BEAT out my competition.  I will make money on sheer volume alone.
 9. ALL A WOMAN OR A MINORITY HAS TO DO IS START A BUSINESS and she will be just rolling in dough and will not have to work very hard.   It will be a snap.  
10. MARKETING--WHO NEEDS IT--NOT ME.  People will find me with just by word of mouth.  
 11. Professional Help…I don’t need it.  I can figure out all by myself.    
12. My boss is making money off my efforts and paying me pennies on the dollars.  I’ll show him! I will start my business and soon I will be the one rolling in the dough!
  S. I. Business Associates (SIBA) has been guiding small business to success since 1975.  Jo Ann R. Forrester, President is an award winning business growth specialist, author  and partner in several business including S I Business Associates, Small Business Solutions and Celebrate & Share. JoAnn and  staff specialize in helping small business grow.  They have secured  over $42 million dollars in business loans and investment for clients.  If you are ready to start, grow or build a successful company give JoAnn R. Forrester  a call.  412-440-6969  Information compiled by  JoAnn R. Forrester, President of SI Business Associates and founder and Host of the Empress of Biz, Listen, Learn, Prosper.  Call 412-440-6969. E-mail:

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


  SCAM ALERT! Small  Biz Owners  


 Usually I am not on the side of the IRS...but this is one time that I am on their side.  
On Monday, November 17 at 12:28 pm I was contacted by a telephone solicitor who left a message saying they were the IRS and that they we trying to reach me for several months and because of non-payment I was going to be sued. I was to call this number back with my case file # to prevent this immediate action. 

 At first I was terrified the IRS...OMG...then I thought call your accountant...and I did.  This call brought  instant relief!   My accountant shared with me that the IRS does not call people and say the are immediately suing you and repossessing everything you have.  There is a due process the IRS  must follow and if you as a busienss owner or individual and  receive a call like this...immediately hang up and report them.   There are major scams being attempted on people and many people have fallen for these  threatening and deceiving tactics.  IF YOU RECEIVE ANY PHONE CALLS like this...immediately hang up and report it to the IRS PHONE SCAM line 1-800-366-4984. 

Besides our own homegrown crooks...many of these scam rooms are run by overseas organizations that use the money obtained from frightened people to finance illegal operation from drugs to guns to worse.

 Be alert...warn your staff, employees and family.  And put pressure on law officials and the phone companies to stop this kind of harassing and frightening criminal actions.  It is estimated that these kind of tactics costs Americans up to $40 billion dollars a year.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Empress of Biz... The WRONG way to sell...or do NOT talk down


Treat your potential client with respect and NEVER talk down to her.  

 Today I had some "guru" trying to sell me his services by  telling me how much his  firm can help me accomplish my dreams.... and all I have to do is pay him  thousand$ of dollar$ to get his  much needed help...since it was so obvious I needed his help.  Then I would achieve the success I desired and obviously not getting.

Am I upset?  You bet I am.  Did he do his homework?  NOPE! Has he permanently irritated me?  YEP!   The obnoxious sale approach ...."I have done so much and "Little You" could profit from my "advice" was way off base and downright rude.   I do not mind paying for great advice. ( I pay my lawyer and accountant all the time). But guys and gals do not patronize or belittle  the prospect... especially BEFORE you try to sell them. 

 BTW this is what "little old me" has  have accomplished over the years without his help:

1. Been in business successfully for over 35 years.  
2. Have raised over 42 million dollars in loans/equity etc for small businesses. 
3. In the process of raising many more millions of dollar for a large project in South Dakota. 
4. Written 3 books.  One "The Gift of Holiday" an award winning  children's book. 
 5. Have survived two businesses getting into serious trouble and paid off my many thousands of dollars of debt without declaring bankruptcy...and YES it did hurt. 
6. Have co-developed software Price it Perfect (TM)that has been sold nationally.  I am now  in the process of working with another developer to move the PIP to a cloud application.  
7. My clients have received national recognition from the SBA as Small Business of the Year, Journalist of the Year, Veteran of the Year, Athena Award Winner, Stevie Awards and etc. I wrote the nomination package for them and for many other award winning business owners.  
8. Have developed my own podcast...the Empress of Biz, Listen, Learn, Prosper  with a growing national and international audience. 
9.Serve on loan boards for over 6 years and have contracts with several government agencies for my cost analysis abilities
10. Have been recognized by the SBA, the state of Pennsylvania for advocacy for women and small business owners. 
11.Have helped established the Pennsylvania Women's Hall of Achievement and currently serve as President.
12. I am a national site reviewer for the National Women Business Owners Corporation.
13. Past President 5 times of the Greater Pittsburgh Chapter of NAWBO.
14. Have served on the National  Nominating Committee and Board for NAWBO 
15. I have learned many painful lessons along the way and I am willing to share them without charging exorbitant fees .
 Moral of the Story... Know your prospect, do not insult them and most of all treat your prospect with RESPECT.  
BTW...if you want to build your business and want clear, direct, non-critical advice and BE TREATED WITH RESPECT ...give me a call at 412-440-6969.

May all have a profitable and productive day...and please treat one another with courtesy and respect.
JoAnn R. Forrester
Empress of Biz, Listen, Learn, Prosper